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Local Vets Optimistic About VA Reform Bill

Updated: Wednesday, July 30 2014, 12:17 AM CDT
Long wait-times and subsequent cover ups have plagued the VA.

Now, Congress is looking at helping the troubled department.

The VA reform bill would give the department $10 million in emergency funding.

would help provide private care to vets, who have waited more than 30
days for healthcare or live more than 40 miles from a VA Hospital.

part of the bill is important to vets in central Illinois, who have to
travel to Danville or St. Louis when they need to make, such a visit.

think that's a good idea as long as the VA makes sure they have the
arrangements made if they send you to the local hospital they make sure
they're going to pay those expenses," said Michael Walton, Vietnam

The plan also streamlines the process for firing
employees within the VA system, and addresses long-term funding needed
to tackle thee back log of patients.

Representative Rodney Davis says he has to wait to read the bill, but supports its ideas.

good news about this legislation it looks to be that many veterans will
be able to go to private facilities to get through this back log  and
then we need to not stop because we need to then address the almost 2
year wait vets have before they even get to collect healthcare
benefits," said Rep. Rodney Davis.

Now, experts are hopeful this bill could pass the House and Senate this week, before Congress leaves for their summer recess.

Local Vets Optimistic About VA Reform Bill

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