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Telekinetic App "This Place"

Updated: Sunday, July 13 2014, 11:37 PM CDT
If you can think it, you can do it! That's what developers at a company called "This Place" are saying about a new app they've developed. Not just any app. A telekinetic app. Erin Mclaughlin shows us just what it does.

"I'm taking a picture of a bowl of fruit ... with my mind."

It may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, but this is real.
Thanks to a new google glass app ... I can take a picture and post it to twitter or facebook using the powers of concentration.
No hands. No voice involved.

"I'm feeling very cool right now.."

"you're looking extra cool."

"extra cool"

The app requires a google glass and an eeg machine.

Chloe Kirton, Creative Director for "This Place," says "that is reading your levels of your brain waves and it is interpreting it as a level of concentration. we're then taking that output and using it to control the Google glass."

So the goal is to concentrate on anything and move the bar on the google glass view finder to the top of the screen to take a picture.

The more you concentrate. The higher the bar goes.

"concentrate on anything that helps you concentrate. so think about times tables. think about driving."

"multiple I am multiplying five by three"

Concentrating can be tricky....

"this is pretty impressive that you're still on this screen. you're definitely maintaining a level of concentration."

"I think not talking helps. so I am just going to be doing time tables in my head."

"I did it!! That's so exciting."

Concentrate again and the picture posts to twitter.

"if this is the first experiment we have into thought-controlled navigation that would be really exciting. the idea that you no longer need to touch buttons on your phone. that you just think. is pretty cool."

The developers at her have made the code available to anyone who wants to take a look .

The hope is that others can build on their technology.

So that one day we might be able to make more things happen.

Solely using the power of the mind.Telekinetic App "This Place"

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