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Third Day of Riots and Protests in Ferguson

Updated: Thursday, August 14 2014, 12:01 AM CDT
Anna Cabrera, Reporting: "Let's begin with the new information we learned about the officer involved in this shooting. While authorities or investigators still are not releasing that officer's identity, we have learned a little bit more about what happened right after the shooting. In fact, the police chief of Ferguson, Tom Jackson, telling our affiliate KMOV that this officer involved did show physical signs of having an altercation, that he had reportedly been hit in the face and you could visibly see swelling on this officer's face. We've also learned in the last 24 hours from the medical examiner's office following their autopsy that Michael Brown died of multiple gunshot wounds. These are few details that are now emerging in this ongoing investigation. Investigators say they are still talking to witnesses, still trying to track down witnesses. Going over video from the scene and also collecting evidence.

There are multiple agencies involved in this investigation and they want to make sure they do this right before releasing more information. Again, the officer involved has not been charged. Now, this all is not going over well with the residence of this town who are outraged in what they perceive as a lack of transparency in this investigation and they are still demanding more answers to what exactly happened. Why did Michael Brown die? We saw protests again erupt overnight here in Ferguson. Police firing tear gas into the crowd after they say a protester threw a bottle at officers. We also know about two shootings that happened overnight that weren't directly connected to the protests but happened in the surrounding community. So, there is a sense that this situation isn't necessarily under control just yet. In fact, the FAA has issued a flight restriction banning certain planes from flying over Ferguson, Missouri until Monday out of concerns of more violence.Third Day of Riots and Protests in Ferguson

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