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Last Update on April 17, 2015 07:43 GMT


NEW YORK (AP) -- Sony Cyberattack: The Sequel, sponsored by WikiLeaks. The online whistleblowing site is sharing the stuff hackers were able to pry out of the Sony Pictures servers late last year. WikiLeaks has taken the information and laid it out for anyone with a browser -- and a curious mind -- to see. It's not like the documents hadn't been around before. It's just that the way WikiLeaks has done it lets people search the archive, instead of sift through hundreds of thousands of emails and other documents. Sony says WikiLeaks is helping hackers spread private information. But WikiLeaks says the documents should be made public to give people an idea of what big companies are up to.

AP Entertainment Correspondent Oscar Wells Gabriel reports more documents from the Sony hacking have been made public -- lots more, in fact.

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Oscar Wells Gabriel

AP Entertainment Correspondent Oscar Wells Gabriel reports Sony Pictures Entertainment officials are still reeling from the effects from last year's hack attack.


NEW YORK (AP) -- Apple continues to catch it for the way it deals with e-book publishers. A court-appointed monitor says the high-tech giant has slowed its efforts to cooperate with electronic book makers. Apple had been under orders to comply with antitrust laws after a federal judge ruled in 2010 that the company was in cahoots with e-book makers to raise prices. The monitor said Apple had been cooperative before, but those efforts "sharply declined" this year. A lawyer for Apple didn't immediately return a message seeking comment yesterday.

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