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School Supply Costs Skyrocket

Updated: Thursday, July 24 2014, 03:23 PM CDT
Families shopping for school supplies Are experiencing some sticker shock.
Parents are paying up to 20 percent more on school supplies for their kids than last of the largest year-over-year increases ever.
School supply lists seem to get longer every year with some schools requiring students to bring supplies like copy paper, batteries, even ear buds.
Parents say, they're shelling out more cash to send their kids back to school.
"Just backpacks....and pencil boxes...It adds up so fast,” said Taylorville mom, Sue Hill.
We caught up with Hill, as she was shopping for back to school clothes with her two sons.
"I don't know how big families do it. You get your list every year of what you're supposed to have and you're doing the best you can,” Hill said.
Even for small families, buying all the necessary school supplies can break the bank.
"I paid almost twenty dollars for a binder last night,” said single mother of two, Terri Lee.
That's just one of many items Lee is picking up for her kids.
"The lists are outrageous. Especially for elementary school kids. I mean, we're buying the printer paper, we're buying the kleenex, we're buying everything,” Lee said.
Lee says she spends about $200 buying all the supplies just on one list.
But, that's just for the basics.
According to the Huntington Backpack Index, parents can expect to pay on average:
$642 for elementary school children, an 11% increase compared to 2013
$918 for middle school children, a 20% jump.
$1,284 for high school students, up 5%.
"It's fun doing the shopping with the kids, because they're so excited about going back to school and that's fun, but it can also get very costly,” Lee said.
That's why moms we spoke with say, they do everything they can to save money.
"You look for sales and you start early,” Hill said.
"I said let's get a little bit now, and then next week we'll get a little bit more and then the week after we'll get a little bit more,” Lee said.
Other reasons for the increase in school supply costs are hikes in fees for standardizes testing and schools requiring students to purchase graphing calculators. School Supply Costs Skyrocket

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