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After Clearing Snow, Road Crews Remain Out To Control Black Ice

Updated: Thursday, February 6 2014, 02:01 PM CST
Road crews spent all of Wednesday clearing away the snow, but despite some preparations to roads for Wednesday night's plummeting temperatures, a new threat to drivers remains, black ice.

For at least the 2nd time this year, Michael Willman is digging out his car after parking it on a side street.

"For those who have cars parked on the street they usually get plowed in a little worse than what they would have been in the first place, but where cars aren't parked on the street they usually do a pretty good job," said Willman.

Mother nature was playing her role clearing streets with the sun. Piles of snow, quickly melted away.

"I'm a little worried that what is there will melt a little bit and refreeze and then it won't go away for several days once the temperature drops as low as what it has," said Willman.

With those temperatures forecasted to dip below zero tonight, black ice could form on already treated roadways. It's another blow to Springfield Public Works crews who have logged hundreds of hours and dumped hundreds of pounds of salt this winter.

"Well we have been a little bit more conservative. We try to control it a little better. It hasn't hampered our operations, like focusing on the main trouble spots making sure they are covered with salt," said Director of Public Works, Mark Mahoney.

But as salt becomes ineffective there is only so much road crews can do. Until temperatures warm, their focus will remain on untreated areas.

"Really on the side streets it's about pushing snow. So that's what will continue tonight. Even with the dropping temperatures it's about pushing the snow off as best we can," said Mahoney.

While roads become clear, crews are reminding drivers preventing accidents still rests in your hands.

"No matter what we do it doesn't take the place of drivers being very cautious. Drive for the conditions, slow down, keep your distance," said Mahoney.

Springfield Public Works expects another shipment of salt to arrive by the end of the week. They say there is still enough in stock right now to handle the ice this week.After Clearing Snow, Road Crews Remain Out To Control Black Ice

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