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Another Kincaid Village Meeting Canceled

Updated: Monday, August 11 2014, 09:29 PM CDT
KINCAID -- In the Village of Kincaid in the last few months, both the mayor and then-police chief were arrested. Both are now facing criminal charges and now it looks like business in the Christian County town isn't being taken care of.

For the second month in a row a Village of Kincaid meeting had to be canceled because only one village trustee showed up.

Mayor Doug Thomas says the village is late in submitting it's annual audit and has $65,000 worth of bonds due.

None of that business can be taken care of until enough trustees attend village meetings.

Mayor Thomas says he has been trying to take action to get the village trustees out.

"We have talked to the Board of Elections, Illinois Municipal League and all them but there is really nothing we can do. The only thing we have in our ordinance is now that they haven't shown up for two meetings, they can no longer get paid if they miss another meeting," said Mayor Thomas.

We spoke with Trustee Bill Davis Monday evening who says the reason he and others aren't showing up to village meetings is because Mayor Thomas wants to appoint Cindy Merryfield as a trustee.

That's the same person the trustees voted against adding to the board earlier this year.

Trustee Bill Davis says he will eventually show up to meetings again, but hopes Mayor Thomas will take a leave of absence until his legal proceedings are over.Another Kincaid Village Meeting Canceled

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