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Child Sex Abuse: Word of Warning

Updated: Saturday, June 21 2014, 05:15 PM CDT

Hundreds of thousands of kids fall victim to sexual predators each year.  A local family who missed all the signs wants to make sure things go differently in case it happens to you.

"It just hurts knowing I was home when it happened. And then to find out there was video of it happening before," Scott Jurgens said.

A third of all sex assaults involve a victim under the age of 12. Statistics also show one in six boys are sexually abused before 18. For girls--it's one in three. "I trusted him like my brother," Jennifer Jurgens said.

When she found out what happened --that--her husband caught their brother-in-law sexually abusing their 4-year-old--, she wished that she was kept in the dark.

"He had her nightgown pulled up, her underwear off, and his male parts pressed up against her, Jurgens said.

Now--months after an 18 year--sentence stemming from a plea agreement, the family discovered video tapes ---allegedly of more sexual abuse.

"I just don't want anybody to ever have to do this. This is just so hard," Jennifer Jurgens said.

That's why the Jurgens family is sharing their story and this advice.

"If your child ever comes and tells you something's wrong—believe them no matter what," Scott Jurgens said.

They say there were many signs of the abuse. Here a few for you to keep in mind. Listen when your child talks. Their daughter complained about hurting private parts and showed signs of irritation-- like redness. She also told her parents the abuser forced her to sit on his lap.

Talk to your kid about what is appropriate and inappropriate in terms of touching. 

 For more advice, click here to be redirected to a new website.

Child Sex Abuse: Word of Warning

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