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Community Colleges In Illinois To Offer Four-Year Degrees?

Updated: Monday, August 11 2014, 11:34 AM CDT
Community colleges in Illinois are exploring four-year degree programs.

The President of Lincoln Land Community College is one of 12 community college presidents from around the state to discuss the idea.

The leaders are exploring the pros and cons, and how they could keep the cost for a bachelors degree in line with the affordability community colleges currently offer.

"What we're looking at is applied science degrees," said Karen Hunter Anderson of the Illinois Community College board. "Those are technical degrees for the most part that aren't being offered currently at the universities. We feel our students don't have access to the kinds of programs in many cases that they need to get the jobs they need."

Leaders of community colleges explored this idea a few years ago, but decided it wasn't a good time to make the change. there are currently 22 other states that allow four-year degrees at community colleges.Community Colleges In Illinois To Offer Four-Year Degrees?

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