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District 186 Approved FY 2015 Budget

Updated: Thursday, June 19 2014, 11:24 AM CDT
State funding for all illinois schools remains at 89% And the District 186 school board says that level of funding is a disappointment, but they did plan in advance for that amount of funding.

Next year's school budget has a $2.7 million surplus. In order to get to the  budget in the black, the school board had to make some cuts.

More than 40 teaching and staff positions were slashed back in March including  librarians, a webmaster and videographer.

Despite the approved budget and expected surplus, Superintendent Jennifer Gill says those positions will be not be reinstated.

Instead, the surplus helps the district get a better interest rate on bonds and makes them more financially stable.

Discussions are still taking place to find ways to fill the gap left behind by cuts.

Some teaching positions could still come back. Those who have been laid off are first on the list when new positions open.District 186 Approved FY 2015 Budget

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