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District 186 Immunization Deadline Looms

Updated: Friday, August 29 2014, 02:49 PM CDT
SPRINGFIELD -- The clock is ticking for students at District 186 as parents only have one more day to get their child's immunizations up to date.

It's an issue the district has been reminding parents about all summer. School may be back in session, but it could be coming to end for some students if they don't get their proper immunizations by the end of the holiday weekend.

Updating immunizations has been a goal of District 186 since last year when more than 500 kids missed school, due to a lack of immunizations.

To help parents out this year the district hosted 7 clinics, including two "last minute" clinics this week.

"I am really hopeful that today does make a big impact on the number of students that we have that are not compliant. This is a really good community effort to keep our kids in school," said Health Services Coordinator, Valerie Rogers.

Even with the proactive approach, could District 186 still be on a similar path as last year?

"I know we are under 1,000, but that was a few days ago. I don't know what the number is now, we have these two clinics setup," said Board President, Mike Zimmers.

It's clear some students are still missing updated immunizations, so school leaders are making one last attempt to notify families.

"We have made robo calls to parents that have not complied yet. We want kids at school," said Zimmers.

Zimmers spearheaded the new immunization policy which requires updated vaccinations before the 10th day of school. That means students will be turned away on Tuesday if records aren't up to date.

Although the number of students in compliance is unclear, Zimmers remains confident , pointing out the year round schools at Graham and Southern View had little problems.

"They are both in total compliance I think we had one student at Graham on the cutoff date but the student submitted it that day so they were only out part of that day," said Zimmers.

District 186 will be hosting one last clinic Friday at SIU Healthcare. Officials are asking parents to setup an appointment by calling 545-8000.District 186 Immunization Deadline Looms

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