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Ferguson, MO Update

Updated: Thursday, August 21 2014, 11:49 PM CDT

MISSOURI -- Violence and chaos continues in Ferguson, Missouri. Our country's senior law enforcement official is there to see it all for himself tonight.

From the protests, to the outrage, FOX News correspondent Mike Tobin brings us the latest developments over the police shooting death of an unarmed black teenager.

A warm embrace between the nation's top cop and the trooper credited with reducing the nightly chaos in Ferguson.

Attorney General Eric Holder arrived in Ferguson as part of exceptional federal interest in a local case.

Holder met both with the FBI agents and community leaders, telling them the government's most experienced federal agents were investigating the death of Michael Brown.

"We need some inspiration and by him being here now, that's giving us some inspiration."

The state case is also underway with the grand jury meeting today. That drew protesters over to the county justice center.
A lone supporter of officer Darren Wilson was confronted angrily. Police removed her, apparently for her own safety.

As the state case moves forward - a petition is circulating to remove county Prosecutor Bob McCulloch from the case. His father, a patrolman, Paul McCulloch was killed by a black man in 1964.

The demonstrators have no faith in his commitment to fairness.
Governor Jay Nixon suggests he should step down. McCulloch refuses and in a bitter public feud. McCullogh says the governor can force him.

"So stand up, you know, man up. Stand up and say 'I have this authority. I am not removing McCulloch, I am removing McCullooch, and let's get on with this." 

Demonstrations almost made it through the night without clashes  but flared just after midnight, the tension evident on one of the officers.

OFFICER says:" I will f***in' kill you. Get back! Get Back!" "You're gonna kill him?" "Exactly you're right I am! Get back!"

That officer from nearby Saint Ann has been pulled from duty here at the demonstrations. In fact, the county says he's been relieved of duty, suspended indefinitely.

In Ferguson, Missouri, Mike Tobin, FOX News.

Ferguson, MO Update

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