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Flooding Damages Hoogland Center for the Arts

Updated: Saturday, June 7 2014, 10:47 AM CDT
It's estimated Springfield received an inch of rain in less than an hour early Wednesday morning. That proved too much for storm drains along 6th Street which sent water flowing into the Hoogland Center for the Arts.

Thursday night, restoration crews were still on the scene cleaning up the mess.

Sounds of at least 60 fans and 12 dehumidifiers now fill the conference area of the Hoogland Center for the Arts.

"This building in the middle of the night started to flood and the city sewer system can only handle so much water," said Hoogland Board President, Grace Naravati.

Early Wednesday morning at least two inches of water flowed from the street to the basement below.

It's a problem the Hoogland delt with 4 years ago, which had them install sump pumps as a preventative measure.

"Our security system is actually tied with some of those sump pumps so we knew what is going on in the building," said Naravati.

Within four hours the first clean-up crew arrived trying to prevent further damage.

"Mold can actually start growing in 72 hours," said Jeff Wolfe from Servicemaster Clean.

Wolfe and his crew got to work removing baseboards to ensure water wasn't seeping into the walls.

"We run meters on the wall and we have a thermoimaging camera where we can actually see cold spots in the wall," said Wolfe.

Luckily damage was reserved to just carpeting, tile floors and office space, but it's another close call.

The Hoogland Board President hopes the city makes improvements to it's aging sewer system.

"I know it's being considered. It's always major plan. It's just not one building it's a good size quadrant that would need to be delt with," said Naravati.

This time around the Hoogland was in the middle of a painting project, but until a solution is found the show must go on.

"We have added complexity to our rehab in the basement," said Naravati.

The Hoogland Board President says there was a little bit of added clean-up this time because flood waters entered the elevator shaft and mixed with oil.

As for activities and performances at the Hoogland Center for the Arts, all events are still going on as scheduled.

However, some office space has been temporarily moved including the Springfield Area Arts Council. Officials are still trying to estimate the cost of the damage.Flooding Damages Hoogland Center for the Arts

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