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Flooding Issues for Drivers

Updated: Friday, February 21 2014, 10:23 AM CST

Counties across Central Illinois are seeing water pooling in what
seems to be every creek, crevice, and ditch it can find, causing local
emergency management officers to feel like they're treading water.

been a lot of changes in the weather pattern in the last few days,"
said Ernie Goetsch, Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in

Water is making waves through Central Illinois.

"We had between an inch and a half and up to two and a half inches of rain," said Goetsch.

Counties with lots of small creeks and streams are starting to deal with a sizable amount of flooding.

the warm temperatures, we've had a lot of snow melt, plus the heavy rain
on top of that, so we've had a flooding of creeks and streams," said

Water is spilling over on to the roadways.

the icing from where the snow plows push up against the curb, trying
to handle it and stay on top of it, then with the freezing rain, it's
freezing up the storm sewers, so it's filling up," said Fitzsimmons.

But, it's also causing problems for drivers.

"It's dangerous, you lose control of your car," said Bob Fitzsimmons, Morgan County EMA Director.

when it's warm, "A lot of traffic hazards because it'll push, when the
water will push from the crown of the road to the center line, and then
people will be trying to creep over to the center line... to slow down
and just try to avoid some of those areas if possible," said

And also when it cools down again.

as that starts to freeze overnight, it becomes a sheet of ice and
causing you know a high level of falls and accidents that you cant stop
in time," said Fitzsimmons.

Many streets have been totally
flooded, like Cook St. here on the east side, where police officers
blocked off parts of the road for sometime earlier today.

on the look out for others throughout town. Some of the worse areas
include I-54, west of buffalo heart, east of Riverton. It is completely
flooded and closed until further notice.

For a longer list of affected areas, head to our website and click on Web Watch.

Remember, it is dangerous to drive through big pools of water, no matter what size vehicle.

by morning some of those pools of water will freeze, as temperatures
are set to drop below freezing in the early morning hours.

Flooding Issues for Drivers

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