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Gov. Quinn Yet to Sign Budget Proposal

Updated: Thursday, June 5 2014, 11:32 AM CDT
ILLINOIS -- Gov. Pat Quinn has been blunt in his criticism of the budget passed by the legislature, which he calls "incomplete."

The nearly $36 billion budget falls short of what Quinn wanted, though that would have required an extension of the income tax increase.

Quinn has a reputation for shaping budgets he doesn't like with his veto pen, but it's uncertain what he could do with this one. He has a limited ability to transfer funds, and can chose to veto individual line items in the budget or the whole plan.

But the veto pen can only take money away, not add it.

Professor Ken Redfield at the University of Illinois Springfield said he thinks Quinn will sign off on most of the budget.

"It would just be a huge game to veto the budget and call them back because the only way you can fix the budget is to increase taxes or, you know, not let the temporary income tax expire," Redfield said. "And the legislature has said 'no, we're not going to do that.'"

Redfield said Quinn will likely be in campaign mode until the election now. And indeed, making his first appearance yesterday after the budget's passage, Quinn told reporters he had proposed an honest budget while pointing out his opponent, Bruce Rauner, has still yet to do so.

A spokesperson for Quinn said the budget plan had not arrived on the governor's desk yet, so they cannot take official action yet.

The spokesperson said that before Quinn acts, though, he will carefully review it. Gov. Quinn Yet to Sign Budget Proposal

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