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Governor's Day Message

Updated: Friday, August 15 2014, 09:45 AM CDT
ILLINOIS -- Wednesday was Governor's Day at the state fair, which gave Gov. Quinn the chance to meet and greet hundreds of supporters from all across the state who've come to Springfield to show support.

It also gives the entire state Democratic party the opportunity to band together as they start the long push to the November election. Lt. Gov. and candidate for Comptroller, Sheila Simon, joined the governor and his running mate Paul Vallas in thanking local volunteers for their grass roots support.

The governor said that kind of effort needs to continue for the party to be successful this fall.

"That's what our campaign is all about," Quinn said. "We believe in being optimistic and positive. We trust the people, we understand it's the people who lead the politicians. And it's important that we listen to the people of Illinois."

But the main area of focus today was raising the state's minimum wage. Nearly every lawmaker and leader who spoke touched on it, saying Illinois families need to know they can survive on what they earn if they work full time.

The governor repeatedly criticized opponent Bruce Rauner for supporting policies he says will hurt Illinois families.Governor's Day Message

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