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Governor's Race and the AG Community

Updated: Friday, August 29 2014, 02:49 PM CDT
BLOOMINGTON-- Bruce Rauner says, "This is a fundamental failure of leadership." Governor Quinn counters, "Mr. Rauner, his budget never adds up."

War of the words as Governor Quinn and Bruce Rauner squared off Wednesday at a round-table forum. Each telling the crowd there's a clear choice between two vastly different approaches, especially when it comes to the handling of crises.

The Governor says, "The person I'm running against doesn't take responsibility. When bad things happened in his private businesses, he took the money and ran away." Rauner says, "The notion that he took action to eliminate patronage or deal with it or reduce it in his administration, turns out to be pure hogwash."

Rauner says he can save the state billions, but Quinn says that budget plan doesn't add up. "My opponent wants to radically cut the investment we have in our education. His budget doesn't add up. It's going to have a gigantic hole of about 4 billion dollars just for education."

And Quinn is standing by his record, but Rauner says Illinois is the worst-run state in the country, adding Quinn's leadership has been inefficient and ineffective. "There's been no real structural reform. Whether it's the number of units of government, whether it's the bureaucracy, whether it's true pension reform creating a second pension plan for the future, there is massive of restructuring to be done and billions of dollars to be saved."

And in the end, for both candidates it came back to the economy. Rauner says, "I want a booming economy, I want the lowest unemployment rate in America instead of one of the highest, and it's going to take some of my time to do it." Quinn: "We have to be exporters in chief. That's my job, to make sure we open up markets all over the world for the best agriculture in the world, and that's from Illinois."Governor's Race and the AG Community

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