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Gubernatorial Debate: Bringing Government Jobs Back To Springfield

Updated: Wednesday, February 19 2014, 11:37 AM CST

Exactly one month remains until primary day. Tuesday night, the Republican Gubernatorial Debate in Springfield put the candidates to the test.

The debate was only an hour long, but plenty of ground was covered. From pension reform, to government unions, each of the 4 Republican candidates had a different vision for the future of Illinois.

By far the most talked about subject was Illinois struggling economy. All candidates agreed the state can do better at creating jobs.

Dan Rutherford and Senator Kirk Dillard both pointed to their expertise in the private sector for creating jobs while Bruce Rauner and Senator Bill Brady hope lowering taxes will make Illinois a better business climate.

"We also need to reduce the regulatory burden, workers comp, litigation system, insurance costs, environmental restrictions, labor regulations, we are a regulation heavy restrictive heavy bureaucracy state," said Bruce Rauner.

"Absolutely gotta deliver on the tax cuts that the Democrats promised. As Republicans it is incumbent upon us to make sure those tax increases the Democrats placed on families and businesses are lowered and reduced with the cuts they are expected to take and I addmately support that," said Senator Bill Brady.

"I will be appointing directors of state agencies, boards and commissions, that their chief priority is to do their job within their agency, natural resources, revenue whatever it may be, but they will be responsible to me to help create a job and retain a job, not be a barrier to a job," said Dan Rutherford.

"In addition to being the Lieutenant Governor, she's going to be known was the repealer. She's going to travel the state meeting with families and farmers and businesses small and large and saying what regulations stifle economic development of your business in the state of Illinois," said Senator Kirk Dillard.

Later on candidates were asked if they would bring government jobs back to the Springfield area. Rutherford, Dillard and Brady all admittedly said they would, while Bruce Rauner said he would have to look at costs and productivity before he made that decision.

Candidates had time at the end to quote "clear the air". Senator Kirk Dillard took that time to take shots at both Bill Brady and Bruce Rauner while the others stayed on past discussions.

So far this has been the only downstate Republican gubernatorial debate before the March, 19 primary.

Gubernatorial Debate: Bringing Government Jobs Back To Springfield

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