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Hobby Lobby vs. Obamacare

Updated: Tuesday, July 1 2014, 03:34 PM CDT

It's one of the most anticipated supreme court rulings this year. The high court is expected to reach a decision on the health care showdown between the White House and the arts and crafts chain Hobby Lobby.
The company is challenging the obamacare mandate that all businesses must provide contraception coverage for their employees.
As Emma Lacey-Bordeaux reports, the case could have an impact outside of healthcare.
Protesters stood before the u-s supreme court last week calling on justices to defend religious freedom against what they see as government intrusion.

"Our basic point is the government can't put a corporation in the position of choosing between its faith and following the law."

Hobby Lobby wants an exemption from the obamacare mandate to provide certain forms of contraception like plan b, known as the "morning after" pill, which the company's owners view as tantamount to abortion.

Last year, the obama administration allowed exemptions for churches and allowed some religiously-affiliated groups like church-run hospitals and charities to have a third-party provide coverage.

But Hobby Lobby is a private company. And legal experts say if it gets an exemption the ruling could have widespread implications just like another landmark decision, 2010's Citizens United.

"Well, this case says basically says if corporations are like people with free speech rights, do they also have free exercise rights?  Do they have rights to these religious beliefs like individuals do?"

If the court says they do, it could make things very difficult for the US government.

The ripple effect of this could be significant, far beyond the ACA; the government would be in a position of having to accommodate religious beliefs across the board.  This wouldn't just stop at health care.

We should know just how much of a splash the ruling will make later today.

Hobby Lobby vs. Obamacare

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