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How Did Ferguson's New Curfew Work

Updated: Monday, August 18 2014, 10:31 AM CDT
No peace in Ferguson, Missouri. More than a week after an 18 year old was killed by a police officer the federal government is stepping in.  And as Polo Sandoval reports that news came this morning after another night of violence and unrest.

"We are trying to use the least amount of force to provide people the ability to speak while also protecting the property of the people of Ferguson." said Jay Nixon, Governor of Missouri.

The first night of curfew in Ferguson, Missouri is over, but not without more violence. Smoke and tear gas once again filled the air. Resulting in seven arrests.

"Thousands of people marched, and not a single gunshot fired by a member of law enforcement last night." said Nixon.

Missouri state police say someone in the crowd of demonstrators fired a gun injuring one person. Not much else is known about that incident. Missouri state highway patrol captain, Ron Johnson, spoke about the conflict at sunday church services.

"My heart is heavy.  Yesterday was a tough day.  You know, sometimes when you're trying to create change, you start having conflict with your friends."  said Johnson.

Sunday also brought news that U.S. Attorney general Eric Holder has ordered a second autopsy on the body of Michael Brown. The justice department will use the original state-conducted autopsy in its investigation as well. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon welcomes help from the feds.

"I think the dual parallel investigations of justice and the local really, really add both, they just help." said Nixon.

Going forward governor nixon says authorities will continue to make sure people can peacefully express their frustrations. In Ferguson, Missouri, I'm Polo Sandoval reporting.

The curfew starts again at midnight. Before the justice department's announcement the Brown family lawyer hired a high-profile pathologist to do a separate autopsy.

It's unclear if that one will still happen. The president of the NAACP says it is "critically important" that a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate the death of Michael Brown.

 "The release, the videotape regarding Michael Brown, very, very troubling. Here we have a postmortem character assassination, very troubling. The lack of information, the lack of engagement with community very troubling. A week ago I spent time in the church where I heard young people literally asking those on stage, 'Tell us what to do.' These local prosecutors, local law enforcement, have opportunity to fulfill their oath, to demonstrate that they're serious about protecting and serving, to do this they need to step up, step up quickly." said Cornell William Brooks, the President of the NAACP.

Other influential figures are joining in, too. Reverend Jesse Jackson, senior made it out to the protests this weekend. And reverend Al Sharpton joined supporters of michael brown's family in a "Rally for Justice".

President Barack Obama is set to meet with attorney general Eric Holder tomorrow to discuss the situation in Ferguson.


How Did Ferguson's New Curfew Work

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