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Jacksonville Police Investigating Drugged Drinks At Local Bar

Updated: Wednesday, May 21 2014, 03:39 PM CDT

JACKSONVILLE, ILL. -- The owners of Club 217 in Jacksonville say 10 people have contacted them claiming drugs may have been placed in their drinks over the last several months.

Police are now investigating, and the owners at Club 217 are taking matters into their own hands to find a suspect.

The bar is a place to relax and have fun, but at some establishments in Jacksonville someone may be taking the fun too far.

The owners of Club 217 served more than 250 people Saturday night. That night they had live entertainment. Then early Sunday they were notified of a problem.

"The next day I came up to clean the bar and someone stopped me in the parking lot and he told me he believed his girlfriend may have had something slipped into her drink," said one of the owners of Club 217, Joe Thomas.

The victim complained of instant nausea after only having a couple drinks. Then later Sunday afternoon another victim came forward, unaware of the previous incident.

Thomas says he's been open for two years and never once experienced anything like this. So he took to Facebook, alerting customers someone may have been drugging drinks.

"After that I had several people come forward and email me and said this was happening at other bars throughout the town," said Thomas.

Thomas looked at security footage, but couldn't find any suspects. He immediately contacted police.

Now he plans to add even more cameras to catch the culprit.

"We tolerate nothing. We will kick you out if you cause trouble. This is something we won't accept," said Thomas.

Jacksonville Police are investigating the claims, but right now there are very few leads.

"We have the information, but we don't have an identified victim as of yet," said Jacksonville Police Chief Tony Grootens.

Grootens says anyone who thinks they are a victim should always call police. It could help catch a suspect and prevent more dangers to your health.

"If it's a prescription medication of some sort we are going to have to get the person treated because they may have some bad reaction to it. If it's a drug such as Ecstasy they are going to have to be treated," said Grootens.

Jacksonville Police are asking anyone who thinks they may have been a victim to call their office at 217-479-4630. The owners of Club 217, as well as the band that was playing Saturday night, are also offering a $750 reward for any information about a suspect.

Grootens tell us anyone accused of adding drugs to drinks could face several felonies, including distribution of narcotics.

To prevent incidents like this, police suggest people never go to bars alone and always keep your drink in sight.

Jacksonville Police Investigating Drugged Drinks At Local Bar

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