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Lawmakers Push Back Against Powdered Alcohol

Updated: Wednesday, May 21 2014, 04:14 PM CDT

NATIONAL -- It could hit store shelves in a matter of months, but there's a push to keep "palcohol" from ever making it that far. The powdered form of alcohol is waiting for federal approval.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer is calling on the FDA to step in and prevent Palcohol, powdered alcohol, from hitting the market.

"As soon as I heard news of this product being approved, it became clear that Palcohol would soon become the kool-aid of teenage binge drinking," said Schumer (D-NY).

He says the powdered version of alcohol would be easier to abuse, conceal and mix with food and other drinks. He was joined by local leaders and experts Friday, like Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy and Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, who agree.

"We've got a gun issue, we've got violence issues, we've got heroin issues, quite honestly folks this is just going to be another issue," said Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple.

"We are above the national average for alcohol use and it is the number one drug of choice for our youth," said Laura Combs, Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator for Capital Region BOCES.

Senator Schumer is now calling on the FDA to step in and ban the sale of Palcohol.

"They can ban a substance they feel is dangerous," he said.

"Our plea to the FDA is move and move quickly."

"We need to act now before ignorance determines our future," said a man named Mark Phillips in a YouTube video his company posted online.

He said in the video that he is the creator of Palcohol. In the video, he called Senator Schumer's information inaccurate and said he posted the video to "set the record straight."

He said in the video that the package is too big to conceal and that it would be sold like typical alcohol, so it wouldn't be easy for kids to get. And he said claims the powder can be snorted, aren't realistic.

"You won't get drunk faster by snorting powdered alcohol and you'll go through a lot of pain," he said in the video.

In New York, lawmakers have introduced a bill in case the product is approved and sold. It would only allow it to be sold to people over 21.

Lawmakers Push Back Against Powdered Alcohol

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