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Multiple Storms and Tornadoes Hit Central Illinois

Updated: Friday, February 21 2014, 10:23 AM CST

Mechanicsburg appears to be one of the hardest hit areas by Thursday's storms.

Fire officials were busy throughout the night assessing the damage. Whipping winds and flooding rains kept emergency crews busy throughout Thursday afternoon.

The worst damage, in the small town of Mechanicsburg.

"I believe we had a tornado go through. I will be confirming it with the National Weather Service tomorrow," said Fire Chief, Frank Lane.

The fire hall sat empty, busy with calls since early Thursday afternoon. One of the first calls was off Darnell Road. A camper flipped upside down with a women still inside. She escaped with minor injuries. The entire neighborhood was impacted by the storm.

"We have power lines down on at least four or five different roads in that area," said Lane.

Much of the town remained dark as sun set. Fire crews expect work to continue well into the night.

 "There were three different locations that had damage done to it," said Lane.

Fire crews are reminding residents due to the heavy rains to stay off the roads. They say flooding and downed power lines are making for a dangerous situation.

Multiple Storms and Tornadoes Hit Central Illinois

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