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New Law Aims to Cut Down on Wasteful Local Governments

Updated: Wednesday, August 27 2014, 11:13 AM CDT

SPAULDING-- A new state law will now open the door for thousands of local taxing bodies to consolidate or dissolve completely.
The goal is to eliminate inefficient government, and save taxpayers money.

Newschannel at Nine's Statehouse Reporter Adam Rife has more on how the law works and costs in tonight's Waste Watch report.

Spaulding Village President Brian Cuffle says, "Maybe the best way to do it is the way we're doing it now. But we're looking at those things." 

A proactive approach to promoting more efficient government. A new state law will allow some governing boards to vote to consolidate or even dissolve altogether.

Former state senator Larry Bomke is on the Citizens' Efficiency Commission. He asks, "Is there a way to make that more efficient and less costly for government?"

Because a growing number of communities are facing the same problem, like Spaulding.

Cuffle says, "Our funding is less and less, expenses get more and more. Road expenses, oil expenses, all that stuff keeps going up and up and our money isn't following it."

The Regional Leadership Council is a group of central Illinois mayors and officials. They're trying to tackle budget and efficiency issues together, by exploring ways to share employees, services, and even equipment.

It's a goal the Citizens' Efficiency Commission has been trying to accomplish for several years. Bomke says, "The whole objective was to look at local government and how we can make it more efficient." The bill's sponsor says it's a first step in a longer plan to address waste and redundancy.

Bomke says it could go further. "If you were to broaden it to include other taxing bodies, then that might be helpful."

But Cuffle says while the new law will help in some areas of the state, he hopes central Illinois won't have to use it.

"This law that was just passed gives them an opportunity or last resort. You want your town to succeed, you don't want to be the town that says, 'Ok, I'm throwing in the towel.' Nobody wants that."

New Law Aims to Cut Down on Wasteful Local Governments

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