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New Technology Helping to Keep Your Medical Records Safe

Updated: Friday, February 14 2014, 04:55 PM CST
It looks like something out of a futuristic movie, but it is the real deal.  We give you a first look at one of the latest medical equipment advances on the market. "Patient Secure." It's a new piece of technology that will help keep criminals' hands off your medical records. It begins its work scanning your palm to create a unique identification code linked to your medical records. Our special News Correspondent Evan Donovan gives us a first-hand look at the futuristic palm reading system. A faster, more convenient, and nd much safer way to protect your medical records. The next time you visit your doctor.

You may be asked to use a handy new tool to help identify yourself.
Becky Carter, a Bon Secours employee at St. Francis Health says "It will actually takes a biometric scan of the veins in the palm of your hand, unique to that individual patient, and then that is converted to a unique identifier that is attached to the medical record."

The "Patient Secure" system is being rolled out across the Bon Secours health system, so even if you see a doctor in another state, as long as they're with the system they can pull up your unique records.

"Our purpose is to provide high quality care for patients, this is to prevent identify theft." That's right medical identity theft can leave you with someone else's big bills or a fraudulent user on your health insurance and it's a growing problem.

"Just in last year, we've had at least 12 or 13 identity thefts reported to us here in Greenville,"

The system is especially helpful if you're brought into the emergency room unconscious and could save your life. Kathryn Woods says, "god forbid i be in emergency situation without ability to respond, and was Jane Doe for a period of time, I have serious allergy, would hate for them to not be aware of that." Kathryn Woods is both an employee and a patient at Bon Secours, and said she signed up for her own security and safety not just her medical records.

"If i need a ct or MRI, tried to give me contrast dye, it would be life threatening,"

Bon Secours officials say the program has been a big success so far.
In the first week, more than 2,000 people registered for "Patient Secure".
They say since then, those numbers have more than doubled.
New Technology Helping to Keep Your Medical Records Safe

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