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On His 205th Birthday, Tourists Remember Why Springfield Is Land of Lincoln

Updated: Thursday, February 13 2014, 03:36 PM CST
Thousands of tourists make a stop in Springfield every year to experience the history of what many consider the greatest president who ever lived. On his 205th birthday local historians say it's Lincoln who helped put Springfield on the map.

"Lincoln is our greatest president, deep roots in Springfield," said President of the Abraham Lincoln Association, Bob Lenz.

That's why Springfield is considered the Land of Lincoln. Everywhere you look, the words, or the face, is put back into your memory. The Old State Capitol is what many may consider his home office.

"This building is an important place because Lincoln worked here for about 20 years of his life. He served as a lawyer here. He was a legislator and also a politician," said Troy Gilmore from the Old State Capitol.

Lincoln was a politician, who abolished slavery and strengthened America. All starting in the place he rose to prominence.

"In this building, in this room, in 1858 Lincoln gave his house divided speech saying a house divided against itself cannot stand. The United States at that time will either be all slave or all free," said Gilmore.

We all remember his run as the 16th president of the United States, but before that he practiced law.

"Basically he started his significant development when we was a lawyer in the 8th judicial circuit for 23 years around Central Illinois, but he always come home to Springfield," said Lenz.

And his home remains in Springfield today. Hundreds of visitors from across the globe stop to visit Illinois' National Park.

"They come here to learn about Abraham Lincoln, see his house, take a tour. The only house he ever owned in his life. Right here in Springfield, Illinois," said Tom Downs, Supervisory Park Ranger.

Many of the Lincoln historical sites in Springfield held special events Wednesday. We checked with organizers who say turnout was higher than normal. They are expecting another rush of visitors in late March, when tourism season kicks off.On His 205th Birthday, Tourists Remember Why Springfield Is Land of Lincoln

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