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Parson's Answers Financial Questions in Court

Updated: Friday, August 29 2014, 02:49 PM CDT
It wasn't long ago that Jeff Parsons was on top of the world.

That was then and this is now.

the man who founded Springfield based J. Parsons and  Treasure Hunters
Roadshow, which sold everything from trinkets to historic documents,
claims he's broke.

His businesses gone belly up.

But many of his former employees who are owed $12 million aren't buying it.

Parsons' former employees claim they are still owed overtime pay, and that's why they're taking him to court.

Today documents prepared by a financial company he hired in Texas were questioned in court.

And Parsons couldn't shed much light on them, leaving the plaintiffs' attorney asking for more.

Jeff Parsons spent almost two hours on the stand Wednesday answering questions about his finances from Attorney Doug Quivey.

had been ordered to  hand over financial documents concerning his
business including receipts and invoices because a $12 million judgement
has been handed down in favor of his former employees.

"We filed
a citation proceedings to try and determine his assets and what is in
dispute is his assets that he's earned since he filed bankruptcy," said
Doug Quivey, attorney for the plaintiffs. 
But Quivey didn't receive all of the required documentation making Wednesday's testimony about income very vague.

"Anyone can put anything in a spreadsheet, so there's still a lot of unanswered questions," said Quivey.

lot of those questions come from cash advances of over one million
dollars Parsons' reportedly received from local business owner Steve
Mileham, owner of Goldlink on MacArthur.

Steve Mileham wouldn't
talk to us on camera, but the judge ruled that records of money and
items exchanged between the two must be given to the court within two

Former employees believe Parsons actions have finally caught up with him.

deserves everything he can get. And anybody that can lay anything on to
him he deserves it. He's the type of person that you don't want any of
your friends or family members to come into contact with ever," said
Karl Hall, former employee of Parsons.

Today's court session was
continued in order for Parsons to gather the rest of the documents he
was supposed to hand over, like invoices and receipts.

If he
doesn't do that by his next court date the judge did threaten to hold
him in contempt of court, a crime that carries jail time. Parson's Answers Financial Questions in Court

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