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Pedal for a Purpose Finishes in Springfield

Updated: Friday, June 6 2014, 04:52 PM CDT

It's called Pedal for a Purpose, an event organized by members of the Central and Southern Illinois Lutheran Synod.

Members of the church are taking part in a four day adventure.

It's a 300 mile bike journey, starting at Metropolis and ending right here in Springfield.

This is the second year for the event. The goal? To raise $30,000 dollars.

And that money will be given to the Lutheran Campus Ministry at St. Andrews and Illinois State University...

As well as to help fund grants to help build more campus ministries.

"It's a very important ministry in the church," said Scott Egbers, Pastor at First Lutheran Church in Beardstown, Illinois. "And it's something that takes a lot of money because college students aren't able to support a congregation. They're often in debt themselves."

The funds raised varied from sponsors to those donating the money themselves. During the four days, the bikers traveled up to 100 miles a day.

They stopped at various Lutheran churches and attended events along the way.

"The churches have been amazing along the route," said Adam Enz, Pedal for a Purpose participant. "We meet so many good people and they all take care of us. They open up their homes. One of our pastors here, actually opened up his house to us, today he joined us, and we slept in his house and he lives right next to church so we all slept in the church."

Thursday marked the final day of the bike ride. With only ten miles left to the finish line the bikers left Cotton Tail Park and rode victoriously to the finish line at the Crowne Plaza Hotel off of Dirksen Parkway... With friends and family... Celebrating their success.

Pedal for a Purpose Finishes in Springfield

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