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Rising Price of Chocolate

Updated: Wednesday, October 1 2014, 12:23 AM CDT

First it was milk and now chocolate.

The price of some of our favorite treats are the next ones to rise.

From Hershey kisses to chocolate bars, the cost of candy made by the Hershey company will soon be higher.

The company said its own prices for cocoa, dairy and nuts have risen since the beginning of the year, and it expects increases for packaging, fuel and other costs.

That's why Hershey will be raising the price of most of its products about 8% on average.

We checked in with one local store owner to get their take on the chocolate cost increase.

"I'm sure it will stabilize. It's a commodities price. Just like corn and beans and sugar and all of the other commodities. It fluctuates from year to year. It will be okay."

Hershey's increased prices Tuesday on Kisses, Mr. Goodbar, Whoppers and other chocolate treats by about 8%.

Rising Price of Chocolate

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