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Protesters Follow Democrats During Governor's Day

Updated: Thursday, August 14 2014, 10:55 AM CDT
For some, today was about more than just rallying the base, and some came to Springfield, to get the Governor's attention.

Illinois State Fair is known for corn dogs and carnival rides, but it
also sets aside two special days for politics, and protesters use that
time to make sure their voices are heard.

"Hey hey ho ho hydraulic fracturing has to go," shouted protesters at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

This year protesters against fracking targeted Democrats at a breakfast for supporters.

But their appearance would be short-lived. The group was thrown out of the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

"Fracking is a threat to both water, healthy communities and to climate change," said Will Reynold, Coordinator, Illinois South.

Proponents say the democratic process has already played out and the fracturing bill passed with an overwhelming majority.

put on a quite a show, they had some good visuals. But that's exactly
what it is, it's a last ditch effort to skirt democracy in my opinion,"
said Seth Whitehead, Illinois Field Director, Energy In Depth.

Protesters followed Democrats out to the Governor's Day Rally at the state fairgrounds and continued with their message.

But the display might have missed the mark with the crowd.

not getting their point across, no. These are people that came from the
Governor's brunch. They're democrats, these guys are protesting against
the democrats," said Sandy Herald, Jacksonville resident.

have tried in recent years to tone down the politics at the Governor's
Day Rally after Governor Quinn was booed by labor leaders a few years
\But that tension is no more, after the AFL-CIO endorsed Quinn in his latest run for governor.

had our differences over the years, but those are days and years gone
by. We're looking forward to Tuesday, November 4th. Our body came
together through an endorsement process and we endorsed the governor and
we're a 110 percent behind him and we're here today to show that," said
Mike Carrigan, President, Illinois AFL-CIO.

The protests outside the director's lawn were relatively small and calm.

Republicans will have their turn in the spotlight here at the state
fair, a rally is planned for tomorrow on the Director's Lawn.Protesters Follow Democrats During Governor's Day

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