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Quinn, Rauner Plans Have Similarities

Updated: Tuesday, July 1 2014, 09:12 AM CDT
ILLINOIS -- What's the plan for business and the economy? Voters want to know.

Gov. Pat Quinn's spokesman, David Blanchette, said the governor's plan has three parts.

"Job creation, investing education, and bringing a sense of fairness to the economy," he said.

And Bruce Rauner's? As he likes to say, it's "shaking up Springfield to bring back Illinois."

U.I.S. Political Science Professor Kent Redfield has a different way of putting it.

is about not increasing taxes," he said, referring to Rauner. "The
other iss about coming up with additional money to do spending."

Total opposites, right? Well, as Quinn's campaign was quick to point out this week, there seem to be some similarities.

Rauner unveiled his plan for "corporate welfare reform," Quinn's camp
says some of his initiatives like repealing the non-combination rule for
business tax filings and closing the oil derrick loophole were Quinn
ideas and issues.

But as one political analyst tells us, overlap is to be expected.

so general because both gentlemen don't have a lot of specifics," said
Ron Michaelson, an adjunct political science professor at U.I.S.. "So
both plans have some very common characteristics."

campaign isn't denying any similarities. His spokesman told Newschannel at 9 they're good ideas. The problem, he said, is Pat Quinn, who hasn't
been able to implement them.

But would Rauner really have a better shot?

makes for good rhetoric, it's awfully difficult to get it through the
legislature," Redfield said. "There's no reason to believe Gov. Rauner
would be any more successful than Gov. Quinn in terms of the things
we're talking about."Quinn, Rauner Plans Have Similarities

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