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School Lockdown Scare

Updated: Thursday, May 8 2014, 11:03 AM CDT

SPRINGFIELD -- District 186 administrators continue to review an internal policy regarding lockdowns and testing procedures for such security methods.

The review is partially due to parents and students getting the scare of a lifetime Tuesday.

This after a lockdown drill at Springfield High School seemed all too real.

Turns out school employees knew all about the drill ahead of time but students and parents were left in the dark.

The "Hard Lockdown" included local law enforcement, and some students -- convinced what was happening was real -- texted their parents in a panic, which set off a chain of events with worried parents demanding answers.

District 186 officials tell us they made the decision not to tell students and parents in an effort to have the most realistic drill possible.

"For some kids it was like 'well, you know it wasn't a big deal,' kind of thing. For other kids, it was a very anxious moment. And when they're texting their parents and indicating what they percieved is happening, then it's very alarming for folks who are parents."

Right now, school officials and law enforcement officers continue the review process of the drill to look for areas to improve.

No word on if they'll let parents know ahead of time in the future.

What do you think about the way things went down in District 186 Tuesday? Did school officials do the right thing in not warning parents and students? Tells us what you think. Head to our facebook page and sound off.

School Lockdown Scare

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