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Senator Kirk's Plans for VA Hospitals' Investigation in Illinois

Updated: Tuesday, May 27 2014, 10:33 AM CDT

   Outrage is mounting over veteran's health care. Now Illinois Senator Mark Kirk and his staff say they're planning to hand out copies of a flyer while marching in a Memorial Day parade on Monday. A flyer they hope will lead to a resolution for the bad care at certain VA hospitals.

Kirk says: "My reaction was anger as a veteran to hear of guys being mistreated this way."

     Senator Mark Kirk is perhaps uniquely qualified to lead the charge on investigating alleged abuses at VA hospitals across the nation. As a stroke victim, he knows the importance of access to quality healthcare and as a navy veteran Kirk says he understands the frustration of fellow vets who chose to serve their country.

Kirk says: "If we have that level of integrity, the VA should have that level of integrity. And we need to back up Americans who have made that commitment."

     On Monday, Senator Kirk and his staff plan to hand out copies of this flyer when he marches in the Memorial Day parade in northwest suburban Palatine asking veterans to report any bad experiences with the VA.

Kirk says: "I will follow up on all credible stories, detailed stories of mistreatment. And making sure that information goes right to the inspector general of the Veteran's Administration."

     Kirk is calling for the resignation of the Director of Hines VA Hospital in Maywood. After he learned administrators at the hospital have collected more than 16-million dollars in bonuses since 2011 despite chronically long wait times and cancelled appointments.

    Kirk gave us a copy of an internal memo from the hospital's director to hines' employees, which says in part: "This memo is both a request and a plea that we all do our best to follow the recommended scheduling practices..."

Kirk says: "She's basically asking people to report more accurately on wait times and outcomes."

Dane Placko: "And what does that raise in your mind?"

Kirk says: "It indicated to me that she felt there was a problem with that, and the problem was more endemic than it should be."

Senator Kirk's Plans for VA Hospitals' Investigation in Illinois

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