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Social Media Sites' Role in Getting You A Job

Updated: Wednesday, February 12 2014, 10:05 AM CST

Linked In, Facebook, even twitter, these are all social media tools that are now being used in ways that you may not even imagine. A recent survey shows more than 90% of employers are now using some sort of social media when they check out job applicants.

The job market and how you present yourself to employers has totally changed in the last decade. It's gone from paper resumes and cover letters, to cover pages and online sites. Here's what experts are saying about the role technology is playing in today's job market.

"The job search has totally changed because of technology," said UIS Career Services Assistant Director Gail Kilbury.

Once upon a time, we depended on newspaper ads and word of mouth, but now, both employees and employers are turning to social media to help in hiring.

"Traditional vehicles didn’t work for us to get the employees, so we reached out to our network all around the country to help us find this person so, Linked In, Twitter, of course email, but Facebook," said Owner of small business, Joy of Marketing, Sarah Petty.

The basics are the same, but just in a different format.

"You have to network and one of the biggest sites right now being used by employers as well as job searchers is Linked In, Facebook, and even twitter," said Kilbury.

"Everybody's biggest asset that they have is their network. In business, we call it a database, you could call it a Rolodex, and that’s how you build your life and your career," said Petty.

In many cases, these online sites allow you to go into more detail than a traditional resume would.

"Really, Linked In is sort of an extension of your resume, it’s so much more fluid, though, and it really allows you to really get into the depth of what your abilities are, your skills, experiences, and achievements," said Kilbury.

But take heed; with benefits, come downsides, and with so much of your information available, it’s easier for employers to see things you may not want them to see.

"Employers will go and look at your social media sites and they are making decisions,” said Kilbury. “It says three of the four hiring managers check the candidate's social media sites, and that one of three rejected candidates on their social sites, so you have to be really smart about it."

UIS is holding the Springfield Collegiate Career Fair next week on February 20, from 11:00am to 2:00pm at the UIS track. About 120 employers will be there to meet with attendees. It’s open to the public and they encourage people to come network, meet with employers, and see what jobs are in demand in our area.

Social Media Sites' Role in Getting You A Job

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