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Some Laid Off Teachers Hired Back At District 186

Updated: Tuesday, August 5 2014, 10:03 AM CDT
SPRINGFIELD -- People are well aware by now the challenges Superintendent Jennifer Gill has inherited before taking on the role as Superintendent of District 186 schools. It includes the more than $5 million in funding cuts and the 40 plus cuts to teaching and staff positions.

Monday night, Superintendent Gill said a handful of teachers are being hired back. However, the Human Resources Department is still tallying the final numbers. Resignations this summer created some open teaching positions.
Those original cuts were because the state is only funding schools at 89%. That rate continues into the new school year, but Superintendent Gill is optimistic more funding could come the districts way.

"Different representatives and senators have reached out and wanted to ask our opinion on that and we just continue to be at the table and talk about the important of level funding, or more equity funding or whatever they can do for us to help that because 89% definitely puts us at a disadvantage," said Superintendent Gill.

Aside from funding challenges, this will also be the first year of early dismissal Wednesdays. Superintendent Gill says the district has their plan in place for those days including bus schedules, and after school programs and they aren't expecting any problems.

There is a new initiative for Superintendent Gill, she has discussed improving communication at the district.

She plans to bring back a "superintendent and student" roundtable.

It would take place twice a month and it would include one student from each high school  and each middle school.

Those students would sit down with her to share what's going on in District 186 schools.Some Laid Off Teachers Hired Back At District 186

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