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Storm Damage Could Cost Logan County More Than $200,000

Updated: Thursday, June 5 2014, 11:32 AM CDT
LOGAN COUNTY, Ill. -- Mother nature showed her full force with severe thunderstorms throughout the area early Wednesday morning. Communities across Central Illinois kept busy, spending the day cleaning up and surveying the damage.

The EMA Director in Logan County says they were in full operation mode by 12:30 Wednesday morning, but the first severe storm didn't roll in until around 1:15 a.m.

It left quite a mess behind in the small community of Latham, leaving some homeowners in the dark and others with an unwanted new addition.

It's not the scene any homeowner wants to wake up to. A large tree snapped in half, now resting on the roof.
"All of a sudden we heard stuff hitting the house or flying off the house and it was pitch dark and we really couldn't tell what happened and when it got light out we seen all the damage," said Homeowner, Karen Lamb.

But the damage became worse overnight. The tree pierced a large hole in the roof during torrential rains.

"It rained in through my attic into my spare bedroom and the ceiling fell," said Lamb.

Damage to Karen Lambs home was just the beginning.

Trees across Latham were snapped like twigs, even a garage was no match to the powerful winds.

The Logan County EMA Director estimates gusts were as high as 70mph.

Daybreak brought to light a better look at some of the damage,

"Last night we probably estimated around $100,000, but what I am seeing here in Latham, outside of Latham in the rural area, then I would probably imagine $200,000 would probably be closer to a realistic estimate," said EMA Director, Dan Fulscher.

But the Latham mayor believes the total cost of the storm could be even higher. Power outages forced businesses to lose out on customers.

"We are not a very big community. It's kinda hurts all the businesses because the bank couldn't open up, the restaurant couldn't open up," said Mayor Beverly Altig.

Despite the loss and damage throughout town, crews worked together to bring some normalcy back to the community.

"They are a small town that when the neighbor calls for help they are there," said Fulscher.

Fulscher says there were no injuries in Logan County and he expects most of the storm clean-up to be complete by this weekend.

As for Karen Lamb and her home, a tarp currently doubles as a replacement roof. She expects insurance to pay for much of the damage.Storm Damage Could Cost Logan County More Than $200,000

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