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Stretch Your Money at The State Fair

Updated: Monday, August 18 2014, 10:31 AM CDT
It costs seven bucks for adults to get into the state fair.
Add parking,  and you're paying around 12 dollars before even walking through the gate.
A trip to the fair can be expensive for families, but some parents have their own methods for making every dollar count.
expensive for families. Especially when you have 5 kids and 2 adults.,"
said Lori Smothers, manager of Coliseum Corner Restaurant.
That's why Smothers offers a dollar menu, which has families lining up for the $1 corn dogs and fries.
thought about stopping it a few times, but then every year you'll have a
family that will come up and they'll say oh thank you so much because
without you guys here we wouldn't be able to feed all of us," Smothers
Chatham mom, Brenna Henderson says her family skips the concession stands altogether and brings a packed lunch instead.
"We bring snacks and we bring water and we bring sandwiches from home," Henderson said.
Plus, Henderson says, there's plenty of free snacks available, too.
you go to the dairy booth you get free milk if the kids want a milk and
then the Farmin booth has free popcorn so pretty much you can eat junk
most of the day for free," Henderson said.
Springfield dad, Sean Dickerson, says his family saves money by scoping out the  best deals.
lot of the places you know you can get cheap refills if you buy them,
that's one way to do it. A lot of places have two for one type things,"
Dickerson said.
 Fair manager, Amy Bliefnick says Illinois actually
has the most affordable state fair in the country with some fair's
charging twice as much for admission.
She says there's plenty of free activities once you walk through the gate.
got Farmers Little Helper which is an interactive experience to help
little kids learn about farming, you can walk through the barns and see
the animals, you can also go down to happy hollow where we have free
shows," Bliefneck said.
Brenna Henderson says her family purchases the fair's bargain bracelets on days when they're available.
You can get yours this Sunday and ride unlimited rides for just $25
Sunday is also family day at the state fair and admission will be just $3.Stretch Your Money at The State Fair

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