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Study: Illinois Among Worst States For Veterans Retirement

Updated: Tuesday, May 27 2014, 10:33 AM CDT
ILLINOIS -- WallettHub, a personal finance resource site ranks Illinois the 7th
worst state for military retirees. It compared all fifty states on
various items including taxes on military benefits and veteran job
Eric Ferguson says, "you just wonder
what's happening to the state you know...we're a great state but you
know it looks like we're punching below our weight in a number of

Ferguson, a combat veteran served for seven years. He's
now a branch manager for Manpower here in Champaign and says life after
war is hard and for many, it's a culture shock.  

"Since they've
been away, they might not know whose hiring even and then really
informing the company of what their skills are... can be tough",
Ferguson says.

It was certainly tough for Ken Reiterman after
serving 21 years as a military policeman. His tours include Germany,
Cuba, Honduras, Iraq and Afghanistan...but he left active duty early

"I was naive and young. I was twenty three years old,
thinking like most young people you know that me being a veteran, I
would have no problem finding a job. That wasn't the case", Reiterman

He retired after 21 years of service but won't receive a
pension until age 59, that's 17 years from now. He had issues with
officers and the way soldiers were treated.   

Reiterman said, "I just didn't see them you know soldiers first..i just didn't see that".

Despite the challenges of life after war, Reiterman says he found a new passion with mans best friend.

Its in down town Champaign and open for two weeks. He calls it Dog Den.

a dog day care boarding facility and we do a little bit of grooming and
we'll be adding training in about a month, month in a half..",
Reiterman says.Study: Illinois Among Worst States For Veterans Retirement

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