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Study: Vehicle Dependability Lowers in Newer Models

Updated: Friday, February 14 2014, 04:56 PM CST

seems like every other week we're hearing about a vehicle recall. This
wee the Toyota Prius and several General Motors vehicles were recalled
because of mechanical errors.

Now there is a new study that suggests if you are buying older vehicles you might be better off.

Power and Associates says first-owner cars from 2011 are experiencing
more problems than cars from the year before. The increase in issues was
6% and bulk of the increase is because of engine and transmission
problems. This is the first time they have seen this type of finding in
more than 15 years.

"Maybe because of the work ethic. Maybe
because there aren't enough people hired for the jobs. They're trying
to put everything in them like-- everything's got gadgets and you're
supposed to be just driving," driver Debbie McQueen said.

mechanics say it's one of those gadgets that actually helps prevent
problems: Censors that warn drivers that something is not right.

all have their own quirks, you know, we've seen as they've evolved
we're having fewer and fewer problems," Jack Stoldt Auto Service owner
Stephen Kuntzi said.

Kuntzi says because people are
made aware of an issue faster a minor kink doesn't turn into something
more serious. It also really matters where you drive.

people that we see have suspension problems, etc. [Drivers] live out in
the country. Dirt roads, beat up roads etc." Kuntzi said. "It wouldn't
change me buying a particular year of car from that study. No."

also say the best way to prevent having any issues is of course staying
up to date on general maintenance. They say changing your oil is the
number one way to make sure old reliable keeps on trucking.

Study: Vehicle Dependability Lowers in Newer Models

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