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Tall Corn Makes For Easy Break Ins

Updated: Wednesday, October 1 2014, 12:22 AM CDT
Home break-ins are a year round problem, but the Sangamon County Sheriff's office has seen an increase in some areas because of the growing changes in rural parts of the county.

Illinois corn, farmers say it's one of the best crops in years but the height is now making things easier for criminals.

"It provides a barrier and some cover for the burglars that break into houses out in the county," said Sangamon County Undersheriff Jack Campbell.

Thieves have already taken advantage this year. The Sangamon County Sheriff's Office has seen an increase in burglaries over the last 3 weeks.

"They have tricks where they try and go up and knock on the door and see if somebody is home. If somebody answers the door then they say they have the wrong house of they say their looking for gasoline or something," said Campbell.

That scenario is all to familiar for the Kolis family. Their home in rural Sangamon County was broken into 3 years ago.

"Just came home and seen the stuff thrown around and started investigating a little more and seen televisions gone and jewelry thrown all over the place and called the cops," said Ken Kolis.

Since then, the Kolis' have installed a security system but over the last 5 years they say thieves have touched just about every home in the neighborhood.

"Everybody knows that they happen here. We have a neighborhood watch program and we are always on guard for that type of situation," said Debbie Kolis.

Despite the potential risk, the scenic countryside is still a place they will always call home.

"It happens in the city too. You know it's I don't think you hear about it as much as you do out here," said Kolis.

If your home is ever broken into, Sangamon County Undersheriff Jack Campbell says you should stay outside and immediately call 911. Burglars could still be inside.

Also, entering the home could make it more difficult for investigators to find finger prints.Tall Corn Makes For Easy Break Ins

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