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Teachers Have A Plan For Early Dismissal Wednesday

Updated: Wednesday, August 20 2014, 11:24 AM CDT
SPRINGFIELD -- Every Wednesday during the school year Springfield Public School students will be dismissed an hour earlier than usual. The change in schedule was approved by the school board in May. It's designed to give teachers more time to work on implementing Common Core practices in the classroom.

District 186 officials are assuring parents the extra hour cannot be used by teachers for free time.

"We are definitely going to make sure that every building has a plan that they turn in before so we can take a peak at what they are doing in their collaboration time. Sorta like when teachers turn in a lesson plan," said Sheila Boozer, Director of Teaching and Learning.

Teachers say early dismissal days also benefit students. In the past .schools closed  4-different times through out the year for collaboration time. Now those days are back on the calendar and used as classroom time.Teachers Have A Plan For Early Dismissal Wednesday

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