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This Winter Could Go Down In History

Updated: Friday, February 7 2014, 09:55 AM CST
There are still 41 days until the official start of Spring. It has been a tough winter already and it's not just the cold weather making things worse. The amount of snow could soon re-write the history books.

Mother natures wrath of mounting, blowing  and drifting snow has become common across Central Illinois. For life long residents, like Connie Sneyd, it's just another winter.

"Yes it doesn't really bother us. We like the four seasons. That's why we live in Central Illinois. So we can have our four seasons," said Sneyd.

Sneyd has called Central Illinois home for 64 years and says, she has experienced some winters worse than this.

"In 1978 they had an ice storm, but before that when we were tiny we had great big snow storms because we built snowmen that were like 15 feet," said Sneyd.

That same scene is playing out this year. So far, Springfield has received 34.2 inches of snow. In an average winter we receive just over 20 inches.

"So already meteoritical winter which is December, January and February is already the 5th snowiest winter in Springfield history and we've got all of February to go yet," said ABC 20 Chief Meteorologist Ric Kearbey.

More snow isn't unprecedented. In 2011 February was the 4th snowiest on record. How harsh the season is really just depends on what mother nature deals Central Illinois, and when.

"It's just a jet stream pattern that favors the storms tracking across our region that brings this snow here," said Kearbey.

And of course further north is where the winters are even worse. Julian Willams and his mother are originally from Northern Canada. They say this winter season is what they find enjoyable

"You know today would be a pretty typical day. Except we have many more of these types of days."

Weather records go back to the late 1800's. Springfield is just 10.9 inches away from being the snowiest winter ever.

That may come as good news to school children, but bad news for those of us who work and drive in winter weather.

Just to illustrate how fickle the weather can be in Central Illinois, last January Springfield only received a trace of snow. That turned out to be the least snowiest January on record.This Winter Could Go Down In History

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