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Tracking Tech and Your Kids

Updated: Monday, August 11 2014, 10:43 PM CDT
"How many kids we looking for? - We are looking for five."

        The daughters and one son of the guys who developed Kidsport GPS - a new way to keep track of your kids.

Acuna says: "So according to this, Shay is right here?" - Shay is right there (camera turns to reveal)."

       Shay is sporting the bracelet with a gps system - registered to a smart phone app.
       Her location: Right there on her parents phone.

Hicks says: "They can narrow it to the exact street, exact location, within three meters."

       Jason Hicks, Brian Sullivan, and Eric Long developed the Sports band bracelet and cell phone watch, after a beach vacation in Mexico, where a friend's kid went missing for three hours.

Sullivan says: "Every kid wears bands and bracelets and silly bands. And every parent has a cell phone."

       There is an option to create pre-determined boundaries. If they leave it, a text is sent to the parent.
       It also comes with a locking mechanism - when tampered with an alarm and text.

       Sullivan says he's heard criticism - this is the ultimate in helicopter parenting.

Sullivan says: "I think it's quite the opposite because I'll let her go. I get peace of mind, just press a button right on the and and know where she is. I want her to live a little like bit like we did as kids growing up."

        Instead of mom standing on the porch calling your name....

"Watch rings. Hello? Hello? Hey. It's time for you to come home."

       The bands also come with a panic button so the kids can reach their parents immediately.
       In Denver, Alicia Acuna, Fox News.

Tracking Tech and Your Kids

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