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Vermilion County Checks On 200 Sex Offenders

Updated: Friday, June 20 2014, 10:44 PM CDT

VERMILION CO. -- Checking in on local offenders. More than 200 registered sex offenders in Vermilion County received a surprise visit from authorities in an effort to ensure they were complying with local laws.

Newschannel at Nine's Nate Rodgers brings us the results.

It's a collaboration between various agencies including United States Marshal's Service, Illinois State Police, the Sheriff's Pepartment and the Illinois Department of Corrections to verify more than 200 registered sex offenders throughout Vermilion County.

"It's a door to door check, packets were made up for the deputies and officers to go out in teams and they made contact with each of the individuals to ensure that they're in compliance"

Of the more than 200 registered offenders checked, 180 were compliant, 14 were found non-compliant and four people were arrested for registration violations.

"Some instances it wasn't neccesarilly a major offense, but it makes them have to correct things to be in compliance and those who are arrested in that regard had major violations in regard to the compliance rule."

"Now if you'd like to keep track of sexual offenders in your area, the Sheriff's office maintains an offender watch portal where you can enter your home address and see just how many sexual offenders live near you."

With so many resources, officials say they receive very few complaints from residents.

"The complaints are really few and when we find those, the officer checks to make sure that they're in compliance. Most often, the things will question whether or not they're too close to a school grounds or that type and the officer can explain that to them and they understand what's taking place."

County officials want to remind you, if you ever feel uncomfortable, or notice some weird behavior, don't be afraid to call police immediately.

Vermilion County Checks On 200 Sex Offenders

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