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Wish Big Project

Updated: Friday, February 14 2014, 04:56 PM CST
Rachel Hemstock is the Owner and head Coordinator of Wishlist Event Production, a wedding planning business in Springfield.

"Basically I walk the bride through the process of finding venders, venues,  being their advocate to kind of be the buffer between family and friends. anything that they need I'm there for and I help design if they'd like design tips and help getting their concept to become a reality," Hemstock said.

Just last December, Hemstock decided to expand her business by doing something extra at no cost.  She started the wish big project.  It's a contest that provides a local bride with free event planning services. 

"One of the big reasons I got into this industry is to help brides who need help," Hemstock said.  "There's a lot of brides out there that either can't afford to do wedding planning or they just can't bring their vision into a reality."

Heather Moore is getting married on Halloween of this year and she's also the first future bride to receive free wedding planning.

So far, Moore says she's happy with Hemstock's services.
"Just the center pieces alone have been amazing, I couldn't have done that on my own," Moore said. "So it's nice to know that I have someone who knows what I like. They're going to bring it all together for the fantasy wedding that I want."

Fantasy weddings like the one Moore wants can require quite a bit of work on the planner's end.
" I'll design the wedding, help design the wedding because brides have a pretty specific vision when they're planning their wedding so I just kind of assist in bringing it all together," Hemstock said.

Moore is truly thankful for this assistance and knows she could not have planned her wedding without it.
"I have this huge, huge vision of what this hall will look like or what my ceremony will look like but how do I do it. i can't do it without her," Moore said.

The Wish Big Project will definitely help to relieve added stress for both the bride and the groom as the cost for a wedding planner can add up. 

Depending on the overall wedding budget, the price for wedding planning alone can run thousands of dollars.
Wish Big Project

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