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Woman Leaves 1-Year-Old Son In Car At Mall

Updated: Tuesday, June 10 2014, 03:42 PM CDT

CHAMPAIGN -- Police say a 27-year old mother left her boys inside the car while at the mall this past weekend. A passerby waited for more than fifteen minutes then finally called police.

"They need to take her and lock her up in a hot room and let her see what that feels like," says Tyree Hundley, a father of two.

Outrage after police say 27-year-old Neoshi Gipson left her 7-year-old and 22-month old boys in the car, while at the mall this past weekend.

According to police, Gipson of the 700 block of South Duncan was returning clothes and didn't believe she would be inside that long. Police say she was away for more than thirty minutes.

"You have a seven year old and a one year old..a lot can happen in a matter of minutes," says Dana Correll, a mother of four.

Laura Bleill of says don't rush to judgement, it's not always easy finding a sitter.

"We've all been in that situation were we need to get something done and it's more difficult to get things done when you have two kids along with you," Bleill says.

Latoya Jackson, a mother with two daughters, says it can be difficult at times and has even thought about it.

"I think about it sometimes but I just bring them along because they can get into anything", Jackson says. No matter what, you don't know perpetrators, people running around the streets and stuff you still should take them in there with you," Jackson says.

Tyree Hundley, a father of two says noooo way! "Apparently she don't know what it is to have kids, to take care of kids and for her to do something like that it's all about's not about the kids", Hundley says.

Offiicials say the best approach is to operate with caution, just don't do it.

"Some people are fortunate enough to rely on friends and family, some you know are fortunate enough to, you know, to hire somebody..but if you're not in those situations..thankfully there are resources," says Bleill.

Police say DCFS has been notified. Gipson is scheduled to appear is court in the next couple of weeks.

Police tell us, if convicted, the mother could face jail time.

Woman Leaves 1-Year-Old Son In Car At Mall

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