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World Breastfeeding Awareness Week

Updated: Thursday, August 7 2014, 03:40 PM CDT

LINCOLN -- One local hospital is raising awareness about he importance of breastfeeding.

Good Day's Michelle London is in Lincoln with the details.

In support of breast feeding awareness week, staff here at the Abe Lincoln Memorial Hospital are holding a support group tonight for mothers and their children.

"There's no cleanup. Fewer dishes. It's great for a busy mom."

Lincoln resident Sarina Wetzel is a mother of two babies. She feels breast feeding is the best option.

"Once you get it down, you don't have to worry about washing bottles, taking formula, making sure you don't have to run to the store."

Aside from being convenient and free, Wetzel says she mainly breastfeeds for its health benefits as it recently helped her one-year-old Noah recover after being exposed to an illness at a daycare.

"When he was nursing from me, anything that I was exposed to, my body was fighting and so my milk was helping Noah learn how to fight illness too."

Shortly after having Noah, Wetzel says breastfeeding became difficult.

That's when she learned about a support group held at the Abe Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

"What we are providing here is community support to help these moms continue to breastfeed after they leave the hospital."

"We went the following week to the support group and met with other moms and nurses and just got some help working through those start up issues."

And according to Judy Skelton, Registered Nurse at Lincoln Memorial, babies who are breastfed also have a lower risk of obesity, diabetes and certain types of cancers; ll preventatives she says will be a financial benefit for society in the long run.

And for Wetzel, there's a human benefit as well.

"We both enjoy it. It's a nice bonding experience."

If you with to be a part of the Abe Lincoln Memorial Hospital will hold the breast feeding support group, more information is on our website at and click webwatch.

World Breastfeeding Awareness Week

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