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IHSA: No Lower Pads This Summer For H.S. Football Players

Updated: Friday, April 25 2014, 03:43 PM CDT

A new mandate by the Illinois High Scool Sports Association (IHSA) is bringing changes to high school football players across the state.

It would only affect summer play.

But some say the rules aren't good enough.

Newschannel at Nine's Nate Rodgers has more on why IHSA is saying 'No' to pads during football practice.

"You have to have that protection. It you don't, some od the kids might go for the legs and you'll get even worse injuries without those pads."

No lower pads in practice this summer for all Illinois high school football players. The Illinois High School Sports Association Director said, "It minimizes risks to student athletes and is another step in making high school football as safe as possible. It takes safety into account while allowing for the teaching of appropriate fundamentals."

Overheating is another concern of wearing full pads.

"Doesn't make much sense. They don't really create a lot of head. It's just if you're used to it, it doesn't bother you."

Coaches are especially challenged in the summer, practicing and playing in hot weather. But they condition their players well for it.

"Most coaches nowadays with heat, you have to do that. You have to get them water breaks and slowly add gear as you go along."

"So without the lower gear, the rules for this summer only are instead of doing a full tackle, you can do what's called a thud tackle. Something like this."

"I kinda don't like the siuation, I feel like we should always have pads on."

There have been no serious highschool football related injuries in our area, but some believe the new rules come from NFL backlash.

"Our sport's as safe as it ever has been, so I think they're gotta do these things. But like the ruling said, most coaches are already doing this kinda stuff, but they need to make sure they eliminate the coaches that aren't."

Nate Rodges, Newschannel at Nine on FOX 55/27 Illinois.

IHSA: No Lower Pads This Summer For H.S. Football Players

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