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It's A Family Thing With Pawnee Baseball

Updated: Thursday, May 22 2014, 12:21 AM CDT

PAWNEE -- This year continues to be very special for the Henneman family.  This season is the only time Cale and Cade get to play high school baseball on the same team.

"I thought it would be kind of awkward playing with him but, we got that special connection because we're brothers and whenever we do something great on the field everybody is all excited...it's just fun."

To do that, this is also the only year when the brothers will be coached by their dad Chris and their Uncle Raph.

"I feel completely blessed. Just being able to coach my kids and with brother, I sit back sometimes and think, wow, this is incredible to experience this. "

Being coached by your dad and uncle isn't all that bad.

"As a freshmen it was kind of....not really awkward but I wanted to be more formal and call him coach but we've learned how to handle that."

"It's not like they're too hard on us, I mean they are hard on us because they know and expect us to be good"

For dad, it's been fun instructing his two sons on the ball diamond.  But, with both jobs, comes quite the challenge.

"It's hard because sometimes I don't sit back and enjoy it. because I'm always in coaching mode. I don't really have time to think, wow, Cale played well tonight or Cade played well tonight, it's about the team."

But, most importantly, the Hennemann family knows when to leave the game on the field.

"He's more of a coach when he's here and when we go home he's more of a dad, but he's never going to make you go over the field and work or anything, it's always you gotta ask him and he'll go over and do it."

The family atmosphere also rubs off on the team.

"They compliment each other well, they pick each other up, they want each other to do the best that they can regardless if the game they are having, if one of them is having a tough game, as long as their brother does well they're happy and as long as they're still winning."

It's A Family Thing With Pawnee Baseball

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